Attention General Dentists:

Discover How You Can Quickly & Easily Learn To Treat Orthodontic Patients... And Increase Your Profits

OrthoExpress™ Training will teach you to apply braces — from the ground up. Absolutely NO previous training is required. (It's easier than you may think!)
You'll learn REAL orthodontics — with brackets, archwires, and elastic modules — so you can treat patients that retainer-based systems such as Invisalign and simplistic Stage I orthodontics systems such as Six Month Smiles cannot.
Best of all, you'll learn to start your first orthodontic patient in as little as 2 months from the date you begin your training.
Here's the full story...

Dear Dental Professional:

The dirty litte secret of orthodontics is that it's not nearly as difficult as you've been led to believe.

Orthodontics isn't "rocket science."

Far from it.

The process, in fact, is quite straightforward...

Here's how orthodontics works.

You simply...

Bring your orthodontic patient in and take beginning records. These include: study models, photographs, as well as periapical and cephalometric X-rays.

Form a treatment plan for moving their teeth.

Install the necessary appliances. (You'll use bonded brackets, archwires, and elastic modules, as necessary.)

Check their progress on a monthly basis and change or adjust the appliances, as needed.

That's it. Easy.

The truth is, as a dentist, you do more complex tasks than this every day.

Drilling teeth, filling them, and fitting crowns and bridges is FAR MORE difficult and labor-intensive...

...but orthodontic work pays bettera lot better.

Hi, my name is E. Jan Davidian, DDS, MS.

I hold a Master's Degree in Orthodontics... have treated THOUSANDS of patients... and won the Milo Hellman First Research Award — the most prestigious award in orthodontics.

And now I've created a COMPREHENSIVE, state-of-the-art, orthodontic training course.

It's called OrthoExpress™.

OrthoExpress™ teaches conventional orthodontics — you'll use brackets, archwires, and elastic modules to treat patients.

My training will teach you to handle a wide variety of orthodontic problems — including those too difficult for systems such as Invisalign or Six Month Smiles.

[Note: Some especially difficult cases are best left to a specialist. However, because OrthoExpress™ teaches you REAL orthodontics — and not just Stage I treatment like some courses — you'll be able to treat the majority of the patients you see. Plus... inside the course... I'll specifically show you how to select patients you can easily treat.]

In a nutshell, if you're a general dentist, I'll teach you to treat patients with REAL orthodontics — starting with the basics — while producing OUTSTANDING results QUICKLY.

Who Is OrthoExpress™ Training For?

You might fall into one of two categories:

You're a general dentist who wants to begin offering orthodontic services.

You're a general dentist who is already providing orthodontic services — but you need help, advice, or further training.

In either case, my state-of-the-art OrthoExpress™ Training is exactly what you need.

The thing is...

If you're like a lot of dentists, you've been told how difficult orthodontics is.

But... that's simply NOT the case.

The fact is, if you're a dentist, you can easily learn to apply braces. Again, you already have more than enough skill. No previous orthodontic knowledge or experience is required.


You'll be able to start your first orthodontic patient in as little as 2 months from the date you begin your training.

Of course, you won't know everything before you start treating your first patient — but that isn't necessary.

Whenever you run into a problem, PERSONAL HELP is available in the OrthoExpress™ forum and on our LIVE webinars.

The Advantages Of Adding Orthodontics To Your Services...

Actually, there are MANY advantages:

You can earn MORE money: I've earned as much as $1,000,000 per year (net) working just 32 hours per week. (But you can simply ADD orthodontic services to your dental practice to increase your profits — as you'll discover, it can be extremely lucrative.)

You can work LESS hours: You can LEVERAGE your time by having trained assistants do much of the actual labor for you. (Conversely, with dental procedures, you CANNOT have assistants drill, fill, or place crowns or bridges -- those tasks require YOU to do ALL the work.)

Patients are HAPPY to see you: After all... straight teeth can change their lives for the better. But patients are AFRAID of dentists because of the fear of drilling and injections.

When you take an orthodontic patient's braces off, they're full of joy. It's a great feeling. With orthodontics, you're no longer the BAD GUY.

Orthodontics is fulfilling and interesting work: It's FUN to formulate a plan and watch it come together over time.

With orthodontics, there's no waiting around for anethesia to take effect. As a result, the treatments are extremely time-efficient. You can walk in, get to work, and then quickly move on to the next patient.

As I mentioned, orthodontics takes very little of your time because you can DELEGATE many tasks. So you can can see MORE patients... FASTER.

Why Is OrthoExpress™ Orthodontics Training Better?

OrthoExpress™ Training Offers Numerous Advantages...

You'll learn to start your first orthodontic patient in as little as 2 months from now. With OrthoExpress™ Training, you'll see fast results.

Because the training is 100% online, there are no airfare or hotel expenses. Plus, you'll never have to schedule time off from your practice to attend... or wait in an airport.

OrthoExpress™ Training is an EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. It's LESS EXPENSIVE than most of the other online and offline orthodontic training programs.

You'll be able to recover the full cost of your training with your FIRST orthodontic patient.

OrthoExpress™ Training is more flexible. It allows you to treat patients that are too difficult for Invisalign or Six Month Smiles.

OrthoExpress™ Training is a complete, state-of-the-art training program. I firmly believe it's the BEST orthodontic training available ANYWHERE.

But don't take my word for it...

Sign up for my FREE 14-day trial membership today. There's NO obligation and NO credit card required. Let me PROVE to you that OrthoExpress™ Training is better...

A Quick Example Of Real-World OrthoExpress™ Results...

The "before and after" image below shows a patient I treated.

With my training, you could treat patients like this in YOUR office. You'll learn to get GREAT results... FAST.

[Note: Inside the OrthoExpress™ members' area, you'll be able to watch the above patient's treatment — as well as others — from start to finish.]

With OrthoExpress™ Training, you'll find that...

Every step is covered.

Nothing is skipped.

Nothing is glossed over.

There's no other training like OrthoExpress™.

That said, you might be wondering...

Can You Really Learn Orthodontics ONLINE?

Orthodontics is usually taught in a clinic. So the question is: Can it be effectively taught ONLINE?

The answer is YES!

This is true because...

We approach your training from multiple angles...

Video-Based Training: Video training is a great way to learn. You can watch the videos multiple times... or just review specific segments.

Our "Getting Started with OrthoExpress™ Training" module will teach you the basics of orthodontics — from scratch. It will get you up to speed quickly and prepare you for our CORE lessons which provide coverage of all procedures.

These professionally produced videos provide a solid foundation for understanding orthodontics.

You'll also find in-depth videos of patients with difficult orthodontic problems. I videotaped their treatment sessions from beginning to end.

Finally, there are focused "mini-lessons" designed to teach specific techniques (such as wire bending) or to treat specific orthodontic problems.

Detailed Case Studies: The best way to learn is by example — in other words, with CASE STUDIES.

You'll have access to 80 detailed examples that cover virtually every possible scenario. In this way, you'll learn BOTH theory and application.

Computer Modeling Software: My proprietary modeling software will teach you the difference between good and bad combinations of forces... which is at the core of orthodontics.

The Members' Forum: Inside the forum, you'll have personal access to me; I'll answer your orthodontic questions. You can even post pictures or X-rays with your questions.

Members-Only LIVE Webinars: On our LIVE webinars, I'll provide timely advice, guide you along in your training, and answer any questions you may have.

You won't want to miss these. (But, if you do, you'll find the recordings in the members' library.)

In a nutshell, you'll receive state-of-the-art training and PERSONAL SUPPORT.

Computer Modeling Makes It EASY To Understand Key Orthodontic Principles...

One of the things that scare many dentists away from orthodontics is the problem of root resorption (a.k.a., root loss).

You've almost certainly seen X-rays that show significant root loss. You've also probably had orthodontists try to convince you to leave orthodontics to them.

But, honestly... that's NONSENSE.

Here's the fact of the matter...

Applying force to teeth is what orthodontics is all about...

Once you understand how to properly apply linear and torque forces to teeth — in a controlled way — you will be moving teeth in translation. As a result, root resorption will no longer even be an issue.

An important learning tool we'll use in the course is the Force Distribution Modeling Software.

It's easy to use, and *VISUALLY* shows you the force applied to a tooth — then instantly calculates the resisting forces that are transferred to the root.

For example:

The "rainbow" image (below) shows a tooth that's being tipped (#1) — which can cause root loss.

The "blue" image (#2) shows a tooth in translation — which divides the forces applied to a tooth along the side of the entire root. This protects the tooth from root resorption.

Like I said... it's not "rocket science."

Once you understand how these forces work, orthodontics becomes EASY.

Frankly, you can learn all the other "stuff" — such as how to bond and install brackets, archwires, and elastic modules — in practically no time at all.

As I've explained, as a general dentist, you ALREADY have more than enough technical skill.

So forget the biased "opinions" you may have heard...

You really CAN do this!

Case Studies Help Make Learning Intuitive...

When it comes to learning, nothing is more powerful than seeing a well-documented process performed — it makes learning FASTER and EASIER.

The OrthoExpress™ Case Studies Library is an unprecedented documentation of 80 consecutive patients who were treated in my office.

This was a HUGE undertaking. No one in the orthodontic profession has ever done anything like it.

These case studies cover virtually ANY scenario you're likely to come across in orthodontic treatment.

You'll get to "look over my shoulder" and see exactly what I would do in any given situation. You'll see how to solve virtually ANY orthodontic problem.

Here's the bottom line:

In your practice, you can keep doing the same thing, in the same way, with the same income-limiting results...

...or you can learn a lucrative new skill that will bring you greater enjoyment.

FREE 14-Day Trial Offer...

I'm so certain you'll love my state-of-the-art OrthoExpress™ Training that I'm offering you a FREE 14-Day Trial.

NO CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED for the trial. You will NOT be "auto-billed." There is NO OBLIGATION.

Then, when your trial ends, you can finish your training and get 12 months of FULL ACCESS & PERSONAL SUPPORT for just $1,995.

Let me PROVE to you that my training is the best. Click the button below to begin your 14-day FREE TRIAL.

I'll see you inside...

P.S. OrthoExpress™ Training is a COMPLETE, 100% ONLINE TRAINING program for general dentists. It will help you increase your profits... and produce outstanding results. Don't miss out...

P.P.S. An enormous amount of time, money, and effort went into the development of my OrthoExpress™ Training course. I believe it's the very best orthodontic training available ANYWHERE. Grab your FREE TRIAL now...