Attention Dentists...

Learn To Start Your First Orthodontic Patient Almost Immediately

OrthoExpress™ will show you how to apply braces — from the ground up.

You'll learn REAL orthodontics — using brackets, archwires, and elastic modules.

NO previous experience is required. I'll show you how to pick your first EASY patient... and will be available in the forum to guide you through the entire process.

Dear Dental Professional:

Hi, I'm E. Jan Davidian, DDS, MS. I hold a Master's Degree in Orthodontics... have many years of experience... have treated THOUSANDS of patients... and won the Milo Hellman First Research Award — the most prestigious award in all of orthodontics.

And now I've created a state-of-the-art, orthodontic training program.

It's called OrthoExpress™.

OrthoExpress™ teaches conventional orthodontics using brackets, archwires, and elastic modules.

And, because OrthoExpress™ teaches you REAL orthodontics, you'll be able to handle a wide variety of orthodontic problems.

If you were to go to a university for orthodontic training, you would learn theory in a classroom and the practical application of treating patients in a clinic.

OrthoExpress™ works in the same way — except the training is done at your own pace, online... and the clinical treatment of patients is done in your own office.

With OrthoExpress™, the training is very straightforward — and expert help is always available anytime you have questions or run into a problem.

In the beginning, you'll start with EASY patients. Then, as your skill and confidence grow, you can take on more difficult cases.

(However, you can still refer out the most complex and challenging patients, as you would in any other dental specialty.)

The bottom line is that you, too, can learn to treat orthodontic patients. OrthoExpress™ training makes it easy.

I'll teach you everything you need to know — starting with the basics — while showing you how to produce OUTSTANDING results.

The truth is...

Applying braces isn't nearly as difficult as you may have been led to believe.

The process, in fact, is quite straightforward.

If you're a dentist, you already have enough skill to apply braces.

All you need is specific orthodontic instruction... and you'll get that with OrthoExpress™.

In fact, with my guidance, you'll learn to start your first orthodontic patient ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.

Of course, you won't know everything before you start treating your first patient — but it isn't necessary.

Again, whenever you run into a problem, I'll be there to provide EXPERT GUIDANCE in our members-only OrthoExpress™ forum.

Why Offer Orthodontic Services?

Here are some of the reasons...

You can earn MORE money: Adding orthodontic services to your dental practice can be very rewarding.

Patients are HAPPY to see you: After all, straight teeth can change their lives for the better. When you take an orthodontic patient's braces off, they're full of joy. As I said, it's rewarding — and not just financially.

Orthodontics is interesting work: It's FUN to formulate a plan and watch it come together over time.

With orthodontics, there's no waiting around for anesthesia to take effect. As a result, the treatments are extremely time-efficient. You can walk in, get to work, and quickly move on to the next patient.

This leads us to the next logical question...

Why Is OrthoExpress™ Better Than Other Programs?

OrthoExpress™ Offers Numerous Advantages:

You'll learn to start your first orthodontic patient ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. I'll be there to guide you from start to finish. And you can post images and X-rays for me to look at.

Because the course is 100% online, there are no airfare or hotel expenses. Plus, you'll never have to schedule time off from your practice to attend... or wait in an airport.

OrthoExpress™ is an EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. It's LESS EXPENSIVE than most of the other online and offline orthodontic programs.

You can have all your questions answered by an award-winning orthodontist. OrthoExpress™ provides the EXPERT SUPPORT you'll need whenever you run into a problem.

You can progress at your own pace. Many programs have a set duration with a rigid schedule. But, with OrthoExpress™, you can complete your training at a pace that's perfect for YOU.

In a nutshell, OrthoExpress™ offers state-of-the-art training combined with EXPERT HELP and guidance.

Learning Orthodontics Online Is Efficient & Effective...

This is true, because we approach your training from multiple angles...

Comprehensive Video-Based Learning: Video is a great way to learn. It makes it EASY to understand orthodontic principles. You can watch the videos multiple times... or just review specific segments.

And our "Getting Started with OrthoExpress™" module will quickly teach you the basics of orthodontics.

Detailed Case Studies: The best way to learn is by example — in other words, with CASE STUDIES.

You'll see the complete treatment of 80 patients. These examples cover virtually every possible scenario. OrthoExpress™ will teach you BOTH theory and application.

The Members' Forum: Inside the forum, you'll have PERSONAL ACCESS to me; I'll answer all your orthodontic questions. You can also post pictures and X-rays with your questions.

Case Studies Help Make Learning Intuitive...

When it comes to learning, nothing is more powerful than seeing a well-documented process PERFORMED — it makes learning FASTER and EASIER.

The OrthoExpress™ Case Studies Library is an unprecedented documentation of 80 consecutive patients who were treated in my office.

This was a HUGE undertaking. (No one in the orthodontic profession has ever done anything like it.)

You'll see photos of each visit. It's like being able to "look over my shoulder" and see exactly what I would do in any given situation.

These case studies cover virtually ANY scenario you're likely to come across in orthodontic treatment — from easy cases to those which are extremely challenging.

Here's a quick, 9-minute OrthoExpress™ case study "overview" video...


To get access to another OrthoExpress™ overview video, simply click the banner below...


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so certain you'll love OrthoExpress™ that I offer a money-back guarantee.

If — anytime within your first 30 days — you're not completely satisfied, I'll promptly give you a full refund of your membership fee.

OrthoExpress™ can change your practice for the better...


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JOIN NOW... there's no other orthodontic program like OrthoExpress™.

No matter which plan you choose, you'll receive FULL ACCESS to all of our training materials along with EXPERT SUPPORT in our members-only forum.

We offer a variety of plans:

Monthly Membership: $197

3-Month Membership: $497 (Save $94)

6-Month Membership: $897 (Save $285)

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P.S. When you treat orthodontic patients, you're not just straightening teeth — you're changing lives. Join OrthoExpress™ today and I'll show you how to get started ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.