Attention All General Dentists...

"OrthoExpress™ Will Train You To Add The Lucrative Practice Of Orthodontics To Your Schedule Of Services... From The Ground Up, With No Previous Training Required."

OrthoExpress™ is a PROVEN, state-of-the-art system that was developed and refined over four decades of real-world orthodontic practice.

With my training, you'll be able to start your first OrthoExpress™ patient in as little as 30 days from now... and quite likely recover the ENTIRE COST of the course with a single patient.

Dear Fellow Dental Professional:

Hi, I'm Ernest Jan Davidian, DDS, MS and I have a Master's Degree in orthodontics. I've been a practicing orthodontist for over 40 years.

I developed an advanced approach to orthodontics — it's called The OrthoExpress™ Technique. It's the culmination of extensive practice and research.

Using it has changed my practice. Because of my advanced methods, I've even had years where I earned as much as $1,000,000 (net) while working just 32 hours per week — with superior results.

Orthodontic patients all want a beautiful smile in the least amount of time possible (nobody likes wearing braces longer than necessary). The OrthoExpress™ Technique gives them exactly what they want... and I'll show you EXACTLY how it's done.

The Story Behind The OrthoExpress™ Technique...

In the sixties, when I first got into orthodontics, we were seeing a lot of root resorption (root loss) on the incisor teeth. Sometimes up to half the root would be gone on upper or lower incisor teeth by the time the patient's braces came off.

In orthodontics, root loss (resorption) is a serious problem that you need to be aware of.

Most orthodontists thought it had something to do with too much force being placed on the teeth with the braces. For this reason, the profession went to lighter forces by reducing the size of the archwires. As part of this philosophy, the profession also reduced the size of the slot in the brackets.

This reduced all forces on the teeth and helped reduce root resorption.

However, it also slowed the patient's treatment.

I believed root resorption could be minimized WITHOUT reducing forces and slowing down the treatment. In fact, with the techniques I developed, I was able to INCREASE the forces applied to teeth (in the appropriate stages of treatment).

This, of course, increased the speed of treatment.

By using The OrthoExpress™ Technique, I succeeded in reducing my average root resorption rate to HALF that of the profession.

Here's how it works...

Again, while the orthodontic profession was reducing the forces being applied, I believed those forces could be CONTROLLED.

I treat my patients in three stages:

Stage I: This stage aligns the crowns of the teeth.

Stage II: Using 22 thousandths slots, this stage controls the teeth at a level that can never be achieved with archwires that go into an 18 thousandths slot.

Stage III: When necessary, in this stage I can up the archwire to a size which allows me to apply a linear force at the bracket in combination with a torque force to move a tooth in translation. When a tooth is in translation, the linear force can be increased as much as FIVE TIMES and still result in LESS root resorption than if there were no torque force at all.

I'll take you through all three stages — in fine detail — with nothing skipped or glossed over.

Using these three stages lets me reduce treatment time, while getting better results. And that — in a nutshell — is what The OrthoExpress™ Technique is all about.

Is Tipping The Cause Of Root Loss (Resorption)?

Let me give you a little background info about The OrthoExpress™ Technique...

There were TWO "clues" which led me to develop my methods:

First, my Masters Thesis showed that when a force was applied to the crown of a tooth, the tooth tipped around a center of rotation in the middle of the root.

At that time, a lot of orthodontists felt when a tooth was tipped, the center of rotation was at the apex of the root.

However, if the center of rotation was at the apex, then tipping could NOT have been the cause of root resorption.

What happened is, when a tipping force was applied to the tooth, the crown went in one direction and the apex of the root went the other direction. This meant a tipping force put a lot of resisting force at the apex of the root.

Because the apex was very small compared to the entire area of the root, a lot more force per unit area was being applied at the apex than any other area of the root. This seemed to me to be what was causing root resorption on incisor teeth.

My observation was that a lot of incisor teeth were being tipped as part of routine orthodontic procedures, so it made sense that tipping might be the culprit.

What A Comparison Of Begg & Edgewise Revealed...

Second, I noticed important differences between the Begg Technique and the Edgewise Technique.

On Begg patients, the four upper incisors — and also the cuspids — had an awful lot of root resorption. The Edgewise patients had tipped incisors, BUT the Begg patients had BOTH tipped incisors and tipped cuspids as a part of the treatment process.

In each technique, it was the tipped teeth that got the root resorption.

This reinforced my idea that too much force at the apex of the root was the actual cause of root resorption.

In the 1990s, I hired a programmer to take the formulas from my Masters Thesis and develop personal computer software which I call the OrthoExpress™ Force Distribution Model.

This computer model helped confirm what I suspected was happening in the roots of the teeth and gave me some rather astounding information.

The orthodontic profession had gone to light forces, which extended the patient's treatment time dramatically. The Orthodontic Force Distribution Model revealed information that helped me REDUCE the treatment time for my patients.

The model showed — just as I had suspected — that tipping was problematic and had to be done very carefully. On the other hand, if a tooth was moved in translation (as opposed to tipping) the force at the apex of the root DROPPED BY 80 PERCENT.

This means, if a tooth was tipping safely at 20g of linear force, then that same tooth could be moved safely, if it was translating, with 100g of linear force — FIVE TIMES the force that was being applied to a tipping tooth.

This is the core breakthrough that allows me to treat patients with The OrthoExpress™ Technique in about HALF THE TIME of the profession, as a whole.

The bottom line is, I get DRAMATICALLY better results; I treat my patients in LESS time and with LESS root resorption.

The OrthoExpress™ Technique is a completely new way to treat orthodontic patients... with faster and better results. When you enroll in my training course, I'll teach you EXACTLY how to replicate my success... starting with the basics.

Here's A Quick Look At The Force Distribution Model...

Tipping A Tooth:

The picture below shows the Force Distribution Model with a linear force at the level of the bracket which results in tipping around a center of rotation in the middle of the root.

This demonstrates how the apex moves in the opposite direction around a center of rotation near the center of the root. The linear force results in a high resisting force at the apex of the root which can result in root resorption.

Translating A Tooth:

Below, the Force Distribution Model shows how translation divides the resisting forces along the side of the whole root.

This way, we can use translation to reduce the resisting force at the apex by 80% — thus protecting the apex from root resorption.

This is the SECRET to how OrthoExpress™ treats its patients in half the time. OrthoExpress™ training will teach you how to do this with your own orthodontic patients.

Want to learn more about the Force Disctribution Model? Watch this OrthoExpress™ training video...

  Please allow several seconds for the video to load...  

Gain Valuable Insight Via Detailed Case Studies...

When it comes to learning, nothing is more powerful than seeing a well-documented process performed.

That's why I developed the "BeaCAN" Case Studies Set.

BeaCAN stands for "Beacon Cases And Narrations." We call it that because it's a training program that will guide you in much the same way that a lighthouse beacon guides ships.

Exactly What Is "BeaCAN"?

The BeaCAN Case Studies Set is a unique and powerful teaching tool that forms the foundation of The OrthoExpress™ Technique.

BeaCAN is an unprecedented documentation of 80 patients who were treated in my office.

I documented their complete treatment — start to finish. To do this, I took photographs of their braces during EACH VISIT. So you'll get to see EXACTLY how I treated them over time.

This was a HUGE undertaking. No one in the orthodontic profession has ever done anything like it.

The BeaCAN Case Studies Set is laid out with icons that represent the patients. When you click on a particular patient, it brings up all their photographs (in the order of treatment).

Then, when you click on the individual photographs of the patient, it brings up an ENLARGED image complete with a narrative description which explains everything that happened during their visit.

In other words, you'll get to "look over my shoulder" and see exactly what I would do in any given situation. It provides a wealth of knowledge. More to the point, you'll learn to solve a wide variety of ORTHODONTIC PROBLEMS.

This is an extremely powerful teaching tool.

My goal was to document EVERYTHING so that learning The OrthoExpress™ Technique would be EASIER and FASTER for everyone who takes my training.

In a nutshell, you'll get to see exactly how EVERY patient was treated. You will see both EASY and HARD patients just as they were treated in my office. You don't get this opportunity even in a post-graduate, three-year training program.

Simply stated, there is no other method that matches The OrthoExpress™ Technique. Its effectiveness has been PROVEN over the course of the last 40 years in my practice.

Here's How The BeaCAN Case Study Software Works...

The first level of the BeaCAN program is the Patient Gallery — there are 80 case studies, in total. Within each patient in the gallery are TWO LEVELS of treatment. The first level is an overview of the Patient Treatment and the second is the Detailed Treatment.

This is the first level of a Patient Gallery of treated OrthoExpress™ patients. By clicking on any patient, you will go to a second level that shows the patient's Treatment Gallery.

This screen shows the second level of the Patient Gallery. By clicking on the highlighted picture in the Treatment Gallery (the second level), you'll be taken to the third level. This time, you'll see a patient visit — further into the treatment — with narration at the left explaining what happened during the visit.

This is the third level in the Patient Gallery. You get here by clicking the highlighted picture in the Treatment Gallery. This level shows details of a specific Treatment Visit, along with narration on the left side that explains what was done during that visit.

This time we show Detailed Treatment Narration at the third level with the braces off and the narration on the left side.

Want to learn more? Watch this OrthoExpress™ training video...

  Please allow several seconds for the video to load...  

Here's A Brief Overview Of What You'll Learn...

The OrthoExpress™ Technique will show you exactly how to:

Add the lucrative practice of orthodontics to your schedule of services... from the ground up, with no previous training required.

Use controlled forces to REDUCE ROOT RESORPTION and speed up the orthodontic treatment of your patients.

Assess orthodontic cases quickly and move teeth efficiently.

Selectively use the extraction of permanent teeth to solve especially difficult treatment problems.

Reduce the treatment time of orthodontic patients by as much as 40%. (Note: In my own practice, I've actually reduced my treatment time by up to 50%.)

Handle MORE PATIENTS to increase your net profit. When fully implemented, The OrthoExpress™ Technique can help you significantly boost your income.

Reduce "doctor time" at the consultation, during treatment, and during retention of the patient’s teeth.

Get your patients to be enthusiastic about their treatment... and cooperate with you.

Reduce overhead costs, revitalize your practice, successfully compete for patients... and CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER.

Plus, much, much more...

About Dr. Davidian...

The award-winning E. Jan Davidian, DDS, MS is the founder and CEO of OrthoExpress™. He's been developing and refining his methods for over 40 years.

The seeds of OrthoExpress™ began in 1967 when he graduated from Loma Linda University with a Master’s Degree in Orthodontics. Dr. Davidian’s thesis research won the Milo Helman First Research Award and was published in the American Journal of Orthodontics in June of 1971.

His revolutionary OrthoExpress™ Technique is based on his thesis research. This research, combined with his computerized Force Distribution Model, revealed critical information that led to the development of his proprietary methods. His exclusive training covers BOTH theory and practice.

In a nutshell, using the Force Distribution Model, he was able to determine:

1) The location of the center of rotation of a tooth under any force/torque combination applied at the bracket.

2) The resisting force at the apex of the root resulting from combination forces applied at the bracket.

These two critical pieces of information — the keys to The OrthoExpress™ Technique — helped him develop techniques for controlling the force at the apex of the root to minimize root resorption.

Welcome To The OrthoExpress™ Technique Revolution!

Proof The OrthoExpress™ Technique Works...

As I mentioned previously, by following The OrthoExpress™ Technique, I've been able to earn as much as $1,000,000 (net!) in my best years.

In addition, I've refined the process... which has resulted in dramatically SHORTER TREATMENT TIMES.

This has afforded me HUGE benefits.

At the peak of my career, I started 400 full-treatment patients per year... while working only 32 hours per week. It would have been impossible to do this without The OrthoExpress™ Technique. My training course will teach you my exact methods.

Here's What My Patients Have To Say...

When you give your patients a beautiful smile in less time, you'll have HAPPY PATIENTS...

  Please allow several seconds for each video to load...  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What are your own results?

Here are my results for full treatment patients over the last three years:

The average treatment time for all patients is 17 months.

Over half of my patients were treated in 15 months or less.

The average time for non-extraction patients is 16 months.

The average treatment time for extraction patients is 18 months.

The average time for rapid palatal expander patients is 21 months.

The total average treatment time of 17 months is 40% less than the reported average for the orthodontic profession.

Furthermore, I have an average root resorption of less than one millimeter on the upper incisors. That's about HALF the average root resorption in the profession.

If you've had some previous orthodontic training, what I teach may seem counter to a lot of the information you've been taught. But my results demonstrate that The OrthoExpress™ Technique produces amazing real world results.

There's simply nothing else like it.

Question: Why is The OrthoExpress™ Technique training program a good VALUE?

My training has MANY advantages. Here are just a few of them...

It's 100% online training. That means, there's no airfare or hotel expenses... and you never have to schedule time off from your practice to attend or wait in airports.

You'll be able to complete the entire course in your spare time and start your first OrthoExpress™ patient in as little as 30 days from right now.

You can't get this training anywhere else. I pioneered the proprietary methods you'll learn.

My training is actually LESS EXPENSIVE than most of the other online orthodontic training programs available... and NONE OF THEM have my proprietary methods.

You'll be able to take advantage of my 40 years of orthodontic experience. I'll help you dramatically reduce your learning curve so you can put what I teach into actual practice quickly.

Plus... once you master The OrthoExpress™ Technique, you will become the PREFERRED orthodontic solution for patients in your area. Word of mouth from your own patients, alone, is likely to increase your business and profits significantly... giving you a leg up on your competition.

Question: How can The OrthoExpress™ Technique help me increase my profits?

If you're like other dental professionals, you'd like to EARN MORE MONEY.

In a nutshell, you can work harder, longer... or smarter. By learning The OrthoExpress™ Technique, you can add premium orthodontic services and easily INCREASE YOUR INCOME.

Here's What You'll Get When You Enroll...

Your training is COMPREHENSIVE. You'll receive everything you need to master my methods. I'll train you to add orthodontic services to your practice... from the ground up.

Inside the OrthoExpress™ Library, there will be webinars, mini-lectures, and video clips for solving specific problems... along with the BeaCAN Case Studies Set.

Here's a more complete description of what you'll get...

Orthodontic "Quick Start" Fundamentals Module

This detailed module will explain the fundamentals of orthodontics. It will get you up to speed quickly and prepare you for the CORE OrthoExpress™ Technique training.

(Note: For most general dentists, this module provides very important training — so you'll want to begin here.)

The BeaCAN Case Studies Set

As I've explained previously, the BeaCAN Case Studies Set is unique in orthodontic training. These 80 studies show patients in the order they came through the door... along with the problems that came with them.

Furthermore, my exclusive BeaCAN Case Studies will let you see the entire process... with photographic documentation and detailed notes all along the course of treatment. You'll get to see EXACTLY how I treated them over time.

I'll use BeaCAN to show you BOTH the good and the bad in my practice. This way, you'll learn how to solve the kinds of problems that orthodontists face in their practice.

"Core" Video Training

These professionally produced videos cover the "core" methods of The OrthoExpress™ Technique.

In this training, the BeaCAN Case Study Set is used to effectively teach you BOTH theory and application.

These lessons provide a solid foundation for understanding why The OrthoExpress™ Technique is superior to other orthodontic techniques. You'll learn to treat patients up to 40% faster than any other orthodontic approach.

We'll also use my Force Distribution Modeling Program to learn the principles of "Companion Forces" to SPEED UP treatment and REDUCE root resorption.

"Case Study" Video Training

To prove that The OrthoExpress™ Technique treats patients significantly faster than other techniques, in this module I took three patients — with difficult orthodontic problems — and videotaped their treatment sessions from beginning to end.

[Note: Two of these patients finished their treatment in only 17 months. The third patient took a total of just 21 months to treat.]

These video "demonstrations" of the complete treatment of three young patients PROVE the technique works. You'll find these videos to be invaluable learning tools.

"Mini-Lessons" Covering Specific Techniques

These focused "mini-lessons" are designed to teach specific techniques (such as wire bending) to treat specific orthodontic problems. We'll use BeaCAN to illustrate many of the techniques you'll learn.

Some of the videos are intended to answer questions from forum posts or webinar questions. Others provide tips about important OrthoExpress™ skills.

Orthodontic Force Distribution Model

The Orthodontic Force Distribution Model is a computer model of an upper central incisor. With computer modeling, different forces and torque can be applied to the crown of a tooth. The model calculates the resisting forces that are transferred to the root of the tooth.

The Orthodontic Force Distribution Model is a powerful tool. It's a key element of my OrthoExpress™ training and was developed based on the thesis I did for graduation with a Masters Degree in orthodontics.

We'll use this "modeling program" to teach you the difference between good and bad combinations of forces. The good combinations of forces we call "companion forces" because they work together to move the teeth in translation, which reduces root resorption. It is companion forces that make The OrthoExpress™ Technique work.

[Note: Upon graduation I submitted my thesis to the American Association of Orthodontics for an award called the "Milo Hellman Award." I won that award competing against graduates from every orthodontic training program in the United States and Canada. This is the most prestigious award given in orthodontics.]

LIVE Webinars

Our webinars are designed to teach important skills and techniques. They run approximately one hour and let you ask questions and get immediate answers. (Recordings are available in our online library.)

The webinars use a teaching method called "Feedback Looping" which is characterized by the teacher asking questions of students and students having the opportunity to ask questions of the teacher.

This type of Socratic teaching and learning is dynamic and extremely effective. (It's most commonly used in law schools, but is also very effective in teaching The OrthoExpress™ Technique.)

Once again, in these webinars, the BeaCAN Case Studies will be used as a learning tool.

The OrthoExpress™ User's Forum

The user's forum lets you keep on top of the latest information AND network with other members. I (Dr. Davidian) will be there on a regular basis to answer your questions and help solve problems.

Questions will be answered using the available tools.

These may include:

1) Direct discussion
2) Core lessons
3) Webinars
4) Mini-lessons

The forum is an important part of your OrthoExpress™ membership. You'll find it to be extremely helpful.

Enroll Now And You'll Receive This Exclusive BONUS...

As a special BONUS, when you enroll in The OrthoExpress™ Technique training program, I'll also share the highly-effective Business Practices I've used and developed over decades of running a highly profitable and successful practice.

The thing is...

To maximize your profits, you need to treat patients faster AND run an efficient office.

My training will teach you BOTH.

In the "Business Practices" module, you'll learn:

How to "stack" treatments to save time and money. (Tip: By performing more than one procedure at a time, you can become much more effective.)

How to save time and money on "retention visits." (You'll discover how I reduce my total patient visits by up to 20%.)

How to MAXIMIZE patient cooperation (and MINIMIZE complaints) through education and simple "logistics." (Hint: The key is to FIRST get the cooperation of their PARENTS. Once that's done, your job will be easier.)

Why The OrthoExpress™ Technique is not only FASTER... it's also EASIER. (As you'll learn, it allows you to both charge the patient LESS [in total] while you actually EARN MORE. It's WIN-WIN.)

The "secret" to maximizing the number of new patients you can see each day. (Tip: I'll show you how to use "mini-consultations" and "the bonding effect" to save time.)

How to maximize your office's efficiency. (Hint: Delegating tasks and using what I call "AB Visits" can save you an enormous amount of time.)

You'll find this module to be INVALUABLE.

Plus... You'll Receive 50 Continuing Education Credits

When you complete the course, you'll receive a certificate for 50 continuing education credits.

Most states REQUIRE CE credits at 2 year intervals. When you enroll in OrthoExpress™, you'll receive state-of-the-art orthodontic training... and CE credits for your effort.

But OrthoExpress™ won't just "continue" your education — it will help you take your practice (and profits) to the next level.

Iron-Clad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so certain you'll love The OrthoExpress™ Technique that I offer a money-back guarantee.

If — anytime within 30 days — you're not completely satisfied, I'll give you a full refund... with NO hassle and NO fine print.

Either you're happy or you'll get your money back. You simply cannot lose.

The OrthoExpress™ Technique can change your practice — and your life — for the better. Let me prove it to you. Try it RISK-FREE.

Get Started Today...

The OrthoExpress™ Technique is a state-of-the-art training program that provides amazing value.

The cost is just one payment of $2,995 — or you can choose to make 4 monthly payments of $823.75 each (for a total of $3,295). The choice is yours. Either way, enrollment gives you access to the COMPLETE PROGRAM for a FULL YEAR.

Enroll Now And You'll Also Receive An Additional BONUS...

As a SPECIAL BONUS, when you enroll in The OrthoExpress™ Technique training program, you'll receive a FREE SECOND YEAR OF ACCESS to the entire program.

That means, if you run into a problem or have a question... we'll be here to point you in the right direction.

Here's the bottom line: When you enroll, you'll be getting the BEST orthodontic training available for an extremely modest tuition fee.

Look At It This Way...

If you add orthodontics to your list of services by using the OrthoExpress™ Technique, you could recover the cost of the ENTIRE course with a single patient.

If you want to learn a lucrative new skill — and earn more, while working less — this is the exact training you need.

Once you experience the benefits OrthoExpress™ offers, you'll understand why other orthodontic methods are now virtually OBSOLETE. Don't delay. Enroll now...

To begin, simply CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT PLAN below. After making your payment, you'll receive a welcome email granting you FULL ACCESS to the course...

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Yours For Great Orthodontic Results & Bigger Profits,

Ernest Jan Davidian, DDS, MS
Founder & CEO of OrthoExpress™

P.S. OrthoExpress™ training can change your dental practice for the better. It's an advanced, PROVEN system that lets you add orthodontics to your schedule of services... so you can earn bigger profits. Enroll now...

P.P.S. Remember: When you enroll in The OrthoExpress™ Technique right now, we'll give you a second year of access for FREE. So anytime you need help — now or in the near future — you'll have access to our forum, training, and tools. Become a member today...

P.P.P.S. My training will get you up to speed VERY QUICKLY. You'll be able to start your first OrthoExpress™ patient in as little as 30 days from right now... and very likely recover the ENTIRE cost of the course with ONE patient. So get started now...

P.P.P.P.S. The OrthoExpress™ Technique is a COMPREHENSIVE system that helps you increase your profits and produce outstanding results. This is the EXACT training you need to succeed in today's challenging economic environment. It's the future of orthodontics. So don't miss out. Begin today...